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TRENDBIRD (What's Next Big Thing ?) :: Doggy DNA Is A Growing Business

The system, called PooPrints, collects saliva swabs from every dog in a participating area and registers the DNA in a central database. When residents find dog droppings, they mail them to BioPet. Technicians then match the DNA to reveal the offending owner. Boyd, 71, charges $29.95 for each pet he enrolls and $49.95 per poop test. "There's a major problem with dog crap, especially where kids play," he says. "It's a health hazard." At least one property manager is skeptical. Mary Gwyn, founder and co-owner of Apartment Dynamics, a High Point, N.C. company that manages eight apartment [more...]

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How To Become a Forensic Science Technician

For example, a forensic science technician may consult either a medical expert about the exact time and cause of a death or another technician who specializes in DNA typing in hopes of matching a DNA type to a suspect. Most science technicians need an associate degree or a certificate in applied science or science-related technology. Biological and forensic science technicians usually need a bachelors degree.Source: DNA [more...]

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DNA fingerprinting, help explain the idea and logic

“DNA fingerprinting” is a recently-introduced biochemical procedure that uses a pattern derived from a person’s genetic material to match a suspect’s genetic material against that of a specimen from a crime scene. Proponents have claimed astronomically high odds against obtaining a match by chance alone. These odds are based on an assumption that there is independence between the different characteristics represented by a single pattern. Which one of the following, if true, casts the most doubt on the claim of the proponents of DNA fingerprinting? (A) The large amount of genetic [more...]

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'CSI' Season 11 Preview: The Justin Bieber Guest Star Edition

Producers cited the fact that they want to take the show in a direction that won't include Vassey's DNA technician Wendy Simms, so Wendy will presumably bid her co-workers adieu in the Sept. 30 installment. - The Oct. 7 episode, 'Blood Moon,' finds the CSI-ers investigating a murder at a vampire and werewolf convention. Andy Dick guest stars as an armory dealer, while 'The Young and the Restless' stars Thad Luckinbill and Michael Graziadei play convention goers. - 'Sqweegel' is the title of the Oct. 14 'CSI,' in which the titular character, Sqweegel, is a serial killer based on a character [more...]

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Fast forensic test can match suspects' DNA with crime samples in 4 ...

To increase the speed of forensic DNA testing, the scientists built a chip that can copy and analyze DNA samples taken from a cotton swab. Forensic technicians can collect DNA from suspects by swabbing their mouth, mixing the sample with a few chemicals, and warming it up. The DNA-testing-lab-on-a-chip does the rest. The entire process takes only four hours at present. Hopwood and Zenhausern teams are already optimizing it and reducing the cycle time down to two hours. Once that is done, police could even double-check their DNA evidence before releasing a suspect. Source : American Chemical [more...]

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Research Technician

Research Technician Sep 14, 2010 Posting date: April 2010 Description: Seeking energetic and meticulous Research Technician to develop DNA purification protocols and real-time PCR assays for Spartan’s DNA analyzers. Responsibilities will include designing, performing, and analyzing experiments. Qualifications: B.Sc. in Biological Sciences Experience with molecular biology techniques, preferably including real-time PCR Strong interpersonal and communication skills To apply, please forward your resume to [more...]

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Recruitment for the Post of Scientist, Technical Officer ...

Job Description: Handling and maintenance of specialized equipments like DNA sequencer, Gas Chromatograph etc. 5) Technician ‘B’ (Lab): Posts: Six (03-UR, 01-OBC, 01-ST & 01-SC), Scale of Pay Rs. 4500-125-7000 (TME 13031/-) Age Limit: Below 30 years. Qualification & Experience: 12th Pass with Science with two years full time DMLT having 7 years experience in R&D laboratory or B.Sc with 3 years experience. 6) Lab Helper : Posts: Two (01-UR, 01-OBC) Scale of Pay Rs. 2550-55-2660-60-3200 (TME Rs. 7531/-) Age Limit : Below 30 years. Qualification : VIIIth Pass. Desirable Experience: [more...]

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DNA Becomes Routine in Crime-Solving

A statistician by training, LaBerge started at the crime lab as a volunteer in 1995 as a hair and fiber technician. He quickly talked himself into a job as a DNA technician, and in 1998, he helped tie Denver's local DNA database to the [more...]

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Case Analyst (Salt Lake City)

Successful candidate will perform genotyping analysis. Experience using GeneMapper genotyping software a plus. Experience performing DNA extraction, PCR and genotyping for STR analysis and mitochondrial sequencing essential. Other lab duties as directed. Required: • BS in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Biology or related field • 1 year experience in laboratory • Knowledge of molecular biology testing, analysis and reporting. • Must be able to use hands, stand for periods of time and lift up to 20 lbs. Preferred: • Computer and Microsoft applications proficiency • 2 years [more...]

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Research Technician (Cambridge MA) | PCR Jobs

Utilize molecular techniques, such as DNA isolation, PCR, and DNA hybridization assays, to determine bacterial associations in oral health and disease. See details at http://mim.forsyth.org. Required Education, Experience and Skills: Position requires a Bachelor’s degree with experience in molecular biology/microbiology. Good computer and organizational skills are required. The Forsyth Institute is located in close proximity of public transportation. Employee benefits include health and dental coverage, long-term disability, Forsyth contribution to a retirement plan, three weeks vacation, [more...]

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- “Paternity Testing”

Paternity Testing in Dallas, TX - Local Yellow Pages results 1-10 … Find Paternity Testing in Dallas, Texas. Search Local Yellow Pages results 1-10 in Dallas, TX yellow pages, Laboratory and Services, Science and Research. www.searchpeopledirectory.com/…/yp_results.php?… Filed 6/21/10 In re A.P. CA2/6 NOT TO BE PUBLISHED IN THE OFFICIAL … Technicians went to Wasco State Prison to take a DNA sample from P.U. so that they could perform paternity testing. But P.U. refused to give a DNA sample. … www.courtinfo.ca.gov/opinions/nonpub/B218312.DOC How much do paternity tests cost in [more...]

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DNASwab by DNAExam Combines Convenience with Confidentiality at Home

Once the samples arrive at the DNA Identity Testing Center, they are analyzed twice over using 16 STR loci DNA technology and then confirmed by a minimum of three DNAExam technicians. DNASwab kits can be ordered online through 800DNAExam.com. All testing is performed on-site at the DNA Identity Testing Center and never outsourced to any third party. Results are available in three to seven business days. Expedited services are available. In addition to tests that determine family lineage for private purposes, DNAExam also offers DNA analyses for cases of custody, child support, immigration, [more...]

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Research Scientist

Research Scientist Sep 14, 2010 Posting date: April 2010 Description: Seeking energetic and meticulous Research Scientist to lead a team in developing DNA purification protocols and real-time PCR assays to support Spartan’s real-time DNA analyzer. Responsibilities will include collaborating with industry and research partners, managing technicians, and writing technical notes and publications. Microbiology, virology and experience in food safety an asset. Qualifications: Ph.D. in Biological Sciences Peer-reviewed publications Extensive experience with molecular biology techniques, [more...]

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Serologist & Forensic DNA Technician

Posted on: Jul 03, 2010. Full Time; King George, va; Category: [more...]

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CLINICAL DNA TECHNICIAN, Center for Human Genetics, GRADE 24

Posted on: Jun 12, 2010. Full Time; Boston, ma; Category: [more...]

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DoD SECRET Required: Serologist & Forensic DNA Technician

Posted on: Jun 13, 2010. Full Time; King George, va; Category: [more...]

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Research Technician: Cell Culture (Cambridge)

We're seeking a research technician with strong mammalian cell culture skills. Responsibilities include embryonic stem cell culture work, maintaining colonies, DNA extractions, some occasional animal work, good record keeping is a must. Will need to be available occasional weekends for 3 hours of animal work. Requires a BS with solid independent research experience and/or up to 1 year of industry experience. Commonwealth Sciences, Inc. is a professional recruiting firm specializing in Science, Engineering and Green Technologies. We unite clients with top industry professionals by leveraging [more...]

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Forensic ornithology is an interesting science | Farm and Dairy ...

DNA analysis of the soft tissue left behind on the engine took longer than normal and when the technician turned in the report, it listed the victim as a deer. Heacker immediately tracked down the pilot, and he confirmed the information he submitted. He was certain of the altitude of the collision. So the lab went back to work and solved the puzzle. It turned out that deer DNA was not the only type left behind on the engine. There was also black vulture DNA. Apparently, the unlucky victim was a vulture that had recently dined on a dead deer. In the same manner, fish DNA turn up after [more...]

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Lab Research Technician (LRA I) (Duke University Medical Center ...

-Must be skilled in basic molecular biology techniques including DNA purification, PCR, and cloning Ideal skills: -Experience working with rodents, including colony maintenance and embryology -Experience with mammalian cell culture and microscopy -Two-year commitment preferred If you are interested please Apply here to Lab Research Analyst Req#400439061 (https://sjobs.brassring.com/1033/ASP/TG/cim_jobdetail.asp?partnerid=25017&siteid=5172&AReq=33156BR). Please include your CV and contact information for three references. For more information, please refer to our website at: [more...]

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The Tea Party supports puppy mills? Really?

Interesting animal news and pet news. Pet related information, animal related web sites, stories about pets and wild animals. Humor and photos of animals. Bizarre pet products, merchandise and pet supplies. Terrierman‘s lead paragraph says it all, so he’ll kick off the topic for us: Apparently Joe the Plumber and the Tea Party support Puppy Mills. No, I am not making this up. Here’s the link you want, but you will also note that there is no link to the actual legislation in question. What’s going on? It seems the Tea Party and “Joe the Plumber”  have determined that a ballot [more...]

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Strange Justice

There is something to forensic science. The Innocence Project has won release of people wrongly convicted of crimes by demonstrating that DNA samples taken at the crime scenes did not match the DNA of the wrongly convicted people. (We see this often in murder and rape cases in which there is a lot of public pressure for police to solve the crimes.) Yet such methods are not confined to the defense. Prosecutors for years have enlisted DNA and other forensic devices to help gain convictions. For example, prosecutors used analysis of wood slivers to help convict Bruno Hauptmann more than 70 years [more...]

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What Should You Ask Before You Give Up DNA? (At a State Fair or ...

At the Minnesota State Fair, which runs through Labor Day, you can watch a butter sculptor carve the busts of a dairy association’s princess and her court, eat french-fried mushrooms with a chaser of Hawaiian shaved ice and see “Weird Al” Yankovic in concert. Oh, and you can stop by the University of Minnesota’s building and give samples of your and your children’s DNA for the university’s Gopher Kids Study. As the Minneapolis Star Tribune reports, researchers are collecting information, including the genetic kind,  to see if the fair is an effective way to recruit and stay [more...]

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1984: Sir Alec Jeffreys And A "Eureka!" Moment - The Discovery Of ...

Scientist Alec Jeffreys (now Sir Alec Jeffreys) was at work in his lab at Leicester University, England, in September 1984, when something astounding happened - he accidentally discovered what he called "DNA fingerprinting", and a whole new world was opened up. This was a one-off, stand alone, out-of-the-blue discovery which was to have an amazing impact on the world. It was totally unexpected and unsought for. Says Jeffreys: "I was on my own in the darkroom at 9.05 on September 10, 1984, when that pattern came up and I twigged what we had stumbled upon. Just that single bit of X-ray film [more...]

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23rd sept 2010 eMedinewS — Daily eMedinewS

Head Office: 39 Daryacha, Hauz Khas Village, New Delhi, India. e-mail: emedinews@gmail.com, Website: www.ijcpgroup.com From the Desk of Editor in Chief Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee Dr KK Aggarwal President, Heart Care Foundation of India; Sr Consultant Physician, Cardiologist and Dean Medical Education Moolchand Medcity; Chairman Ethical Committee Delhi Medical Council; Chairman (Delhi Chapter) International Medical Sciences Academy; Hony Director IMA AKN Sinha Institute (08–09); Hony Finance Secretary National IMA (07–08); Chairman IMA Academy of Medical Specialties [more...]

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Research Technician vacancy in Biology at Univ Hospital Zurich ...

Applicants should hold either a degree as professional technician (e.g. SRK), or an MSc in Biology, and must have a strong practical background in the following technologies: genomic DNA extraction/purification, quantitative PCR and good computer knowledge. Experience with robotic equipment and automation are an advantage. Skills in laboratory management, high level of self-organization and interpersonal skills to work within an international group of scientists are a plus. Fluent technical English and German are obligatory. Applicants should submit a letter of interest, CV, working [more...]

Date: 2010-10-11 22:47:53

2011 polls: Police train forensic, DNA scientists

DETERMINED to ensure hitch free elections next year and provide a platform for the successful prosecution of electoral offenders, the police hierarchy has embarked on the training of scientists in forensics and DNA Technology. The training, when put to use for the 2011 elections, according to knowledgeable police sources, will guide against multiple voting and other fraudulent practices. The police will also establish Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) in every state for use in large scale civil identification projects to prevent multiple enrollments for the electoral [more...]

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Research Technician II (Durham) | PCR Jobs

Three years of molecular biology research and experience in the following is preferred: DNA/RNA extraction; DNA sequencing; PCR/ Real Time PCR; Taqman; gel electrophoresis; and tissue culture (propagation and storage). Computer proficiency in MS office programs, Photoshop, and basic statistical programs is also preferred. Qualified candidates should email a resume to the “reply to” email above. Please note “Tech II” in the subject line. Duke University is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. Topics: Raleigh-Durham PCR jobs | No Comments [more...]

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Antigen/Antibody Discovery Research Scientist (Sorrento Mesa, San ...

"How To Answer Any Question An Interviewer Could Possibly Throw At You! ... " Click Here! CTK Biotech Inc, a leading IVD biotech company located in San Diego area, is seeking an Antigen/Antibody Discovery Research Scientist to join a group of scientists and technicians in the R&D Department. The current position will play a major role in researching and discovering high quality and specific diagnostic reagents to meet the rapidly growing demand of the point-of-care IVD products worldwide. Essential Duties and Responsibilities: Note: Other duties may be assigned. •Perform cloning and [more...]

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Genetic Racial Identification Dna Testing Against

10.27.06 2005 jamaica shop sky travel Posted in Uncategorized at 4:01 am by admin Patriot-News – because state officials are counting on slots gambling to help offset property tax cuts, said Charles Brooke, IGT s senior Heird submitted prescriptions hydrocodone tablets, a schedule III narcotic, to a southern York County pharmacy on 10 occasions Source: www.pennlive.com September 2006 Spokane Spokesman-Review – I don’t have much more than this Wild Card for you today, HBOers. I need to go back on the garage roof to finish the re-roofing job from last week. That’ll take a chunk of [more...]

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Breast Cancer Slideshow Pictures: A Visual Guide to Breast Cancer ...

Breast Cancer Today Breast cancer today is not what it was 20 years ago. Survival rates are climbing, thanks to greater awareness, more early detection, and advances in treatment. For roughly 200,000 Americans who are diagnosed with breast cancer each year, there are plenty of reasons to be hopeful. Breast Cancer Symptoms There are often no symptoms of breast cancer, but sometimes women may discover a breast problem on their own. Signs and symptoms to be aware of may include: A painless lump in the breast. Changes in breast size or shape. Swelling in the armpit. Nipple changes or [more...]

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No Misconduct in Oakland Crime Lab… « FSN: Forensic Science News

So was the recent com­plaint about an Oakland PD crime lab employee a legit­i­mate com­plaint? Or some form of payback? An inves­ti­ga­tion into alle­ga­tions of mis­con­duct against an Oakland police crime lab tech­ni­cian has not turned up any signs of wrong­do­ing, Chief Anthony Batts said Thursday. At a hastily called news con­fer­ence, Batts said the depart­ment received an anony­mous com­plaint Sept. 22 and launched an inter­nal affairs inves­ti­ga­tion into the uniden­ti­fied employee, who ana­lyzes drug and DNA evi­dence in the crime lab. “At this point, [more...]

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Bargain Alert: Family Tree DNA

We received a note from Bennett Greenspan, President of Family Tree DNA. The message follows: Last fall Family Tree DNA offered a significant discount for anyone who wanted to order the Full mtDNA sequence. The response was overwhelming, and, as in prior Full mtDNA sequence sales, we crushed the lab. Despite the fact that we had more lab technicians and more equipment, the volume was far above what we could reasonable handle. As we have now caught up with the huge backlog, we are prepared to offer the Full mtDNA sequence test again at a promotional price, but with lessons learned! We will [more...]

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myafricancareer:Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania jobs collection ...

Responsibilities * Attending to breakdown on production * Inspect/maintain all electrical installation/ units as directed * Calibrating equipment as and when required. * Participate in project development, installations and commissioning. * Ensuring power factors banks are maintained and is within statutory level. * Maintaining logo sheets and other electrical related records. * Ensuring generators are in good running condition. Essential Qualifications * Diploma in Electrical Engineering * At least 2 years experience in electrical field from a manufacturing environment. * Excellent [more...]

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Kenyan Jobs Bank KJB: Electrical Technician

Responsibilities * Attending to breakdown on production * Inspect/maintain all electrical installation/ units as directed * Calibrating equipment as and when required. * Participate in project development, installations and commissioning. * Ensuring power factors banks are maintained and is within statutory level. * Maintaining logo sheets and other electrical related records. * Ensuring generators are in good running condition. Essential Qualifications * Diploma in Electrical Engineering * At least 2 years experience in electrical field from a manufacturing environment. * [more...]

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Rape Kit Backlog Hits Primetime on “SVU” : Ms Magazine Blog

So if his DNA is safely tucked away in an untested rape kit, he can go on raping with impunity. Without the DNA in the rape kit, the woman has little to no chance of ever seeing her rapist brought to trial. The survivors of rape who have the courage to subject themselves to evidence gathering deserve to know that rape kits will not sit in a freezer. They need to know that law enforcement and all levels of government will catch up with the available forensic technology. New York City had a backlog of 15,000 rape kits, but in four years they tested every kit by adding additional labs, [more...]

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Part-Time Lab Technician – Great For Students (RTP) | PCR Jobs

Basic laboratory skills (emphasis on pipetting) - A good driving record. Job duties include, but are not limited to: - Driving to customer sites in a company-provided car to pick-up DNA samples - Processing DNA sequencing reactions [more...]

Date: 2010-10-11 18:43:41

Tainted Confessions End Up in Long Prison Sentences - Miami ...

A recent study out of the University of Virginia revealed that in 250 rape and murder cases where the defendants were eventually exonerated as a result of DNA testing, 40 individuals had confessed to a crime or crimes they did not commit. Three examples of recently exonerated, wrongfully accused defendants convicted of violent crimes come out of Broward County. Don't kid yourself, defendants charged in Miami-Dade County and across the State of Florida are doing hard time for crimes they did not commit. The lucky defendants are the ones that are released because DNA existed to prove their [more...]

Date: 2010-10-06 14:29:15

New forensic test can match suspects' DNA with crime samples in 4 ...

Browse > Home / Technology / New forensic test can match suspects’ DNA with crime samples in 4 hours (ChattahBox) – As we have seen even in high profile cases, getting confirmation on a DNA hit can take a very long time. But a newly developed test could make checking DNA from people arrested for crimes with DNA samples from crime scenes stored in forensic databases almost as easy as matching fingerprints. With the test, police could check on whether a person’s DNA matches that found at past crime scenes while suspects are still being processed and before a decision on whether to [more...]

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