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Agent Irvin Lee Allcox Chemistry;Forensic Chemistry Edward J. LaRue DNA, Serology Atty. Abed Awad, M.A., J.D. Commercial Law, International Law, Matrimonial Law Terry Shaw NEC John E. Tesoriero, P.E. Consulting Engin., Engin. (Unspec.), Forensic Engin. Dr. Henry Kurt Prince, M.D. Obstetrics/Gyn. Dr. Michael M. Baden, M.D. Anatomic Path., Clinical Pathology, Forensic Pathology Officer John Kowal Police/Law Enf. Officer Dr. Lawrence Gene Leichtman, M.D. Clinical Genetics, Pediatrics Dr. Mary Kemp Edwards-Brown, M.D. Diagnostic Radiology, Neuroradiology Dr. Michael Dennis Katz, M.D. Pediatric [more...]

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Forensic Science

Forensic Anthropology is the practice of physical anthropology, which deals with the identification and recovery of skeletonized human remains (bones) to answer legal questions. Forensic Biology involves DNA test and serological analysis of bodily (physiological) fluids for the purpose of identification. Forensic Psychology and Psychiatry – This involves learning, assessing and identifying mentally-related illnesses and human behavior to obtain legal evidence. Forensic Origin and Cause- This is the study, explanation and identification of a fire to determine the cause of ignition and origin [more...]

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» Forensic Science Laboratory Gandhinagar - News

The Gujarat government has determined to establish a state-run Forensic Science University in Gandhinagar. FSL Offered some Programs DEGREE PROGRAMS MS in Forensic Toxicology MS in Drug Chemistry MS in Forensic DNA & Serology MS in Forensic Science CERTIFICATE PROGRAMS Environmental Forensics Forensic Death Investigation Forensic Toxicology Clinical Toxicology Drug Chemistry Forensic DNA & Serology Address Directorate of Forensic Science, Behind Police Bhavan, Sector 18/A, Gandhinagar, Gujarat Tele No (079) 23256390, (079) [more...]

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Systemic Lupus Erythematosus: ACR Criteria | Medchrome

Immunologic disorder: Positive anti-Smith, anti-ds DNA, antiphospholipid antibody, and/or false positive serological test for syphilis; sensitivity = 85%; specificity = 93%. Presence of anti-ss DNA in 70% of cases (though also positive with rheumatic disease and healthy persons)9. Neurologic disorder: Seizures or psychosis; sensitivity = 20%; specificity = 98%.10. Malar rash (rash on cheeks); sensitivity = 57%; specificity = 96%. 11. Discoid rash (red, scaly patches on skin that cause scarring); sensitivity = 18%; specificity = 99%.The mnemonic to remember the 11 symptoms is ‘SOAP BRAIN [more...]

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The Forensic Laboratory Handbook: Procedures and Practice ...

Here, the interested reader will find an understandable and fascinating introduction to the complex worlds of forensic serology DNA, chemistry, crime reconstruction, digital evidence, explosives, arson, fingerprints, firearms, tool marks, odontology, and pathology. Additional chapters address the problems of assuring quality and seeking trace evidence in the forensic laboratory. Code: [more...]

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Press Release – Introducing Lean Six Sigma Consulting Program

Sorenson Forensics provides services, such as STR and Y-STR analysis; mitochondrial DNA sequencing; comprehensive biology screening; full serology testing, including blood, semen and other body fluid identification; DNA case [more...]

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Queries about interpreting hepatitis B serology?

How about if 100 people show up with above serology? It would be too costly go do viral DNA PCR on every1 who has this serologic profile. In this case, how would 1 discern which of these 100 people are really (ii) or (iii)? [more...]

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They can become technical specialists in DNA analysis, serology examination, or other areas. They can rise through the administrative and managerial ranks as technical leaders, unit supervisors, and managers, which may require [more...]

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Salary boost with a master's degree?

There were no other nearby programs, so she enrolled in the University of Florida's online forensic DNA and serology program. moncler men A master's degree shows a greater level of expertise in a field, and some occupations require it. [more...]

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An International Perspective

The respondents (52 out of 350 returned the survey) were told to answer the questions for each of the following disciplines, or combinations of disciplines: (1) drugs, (2) trace/impression evidence, (3) serology/ DNA, [more...]

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Baltimore Crime Beat: Man gets 50 years in shooting of officers ...

DNA swabs were taken from the 9mm Ruger and were analyzed by Thomas Hebert from the Baltimore City Police Department DNA Department.  Mr. Hebert determined that the DNA on the 9mm Ruger trigger, slide, magazine and other parts of the handgun was the Defendant’s DNA. The gunshot residue bags from the Defendant were analyzed by Joseph Harant in the Baltimore City Police Department’s Serology Unit.  Mr. Harant concluded that the defendant had particles on both of his hands that were consistent with having fired a weapon.   Officer McMillion was treated at Maryland Shock Trauma for the [more...]

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You had identified five sharp

HPV virus is difficult to use traditional culture and serology to detect, the main diagnostic technique is nucleic acid hybridization experiments. The PCR method developed in recent years with specific, sensitive, simple, fast, etc., as a new approach for HPV detection. (a) specimen collection and processing 1. Specimen collection and pretreatment: saline infiltration with a scraper or swab from? Road and cervical secretions and cells taken outside the mouth. For cytological examination at the same time, the specimen is placed in 5ml contains 0.05% thimerosal in PBS, with PBS centrifuged [more...]

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GENOMIC CHARACTRIZATION OF AEROMONAS HYDROPHILA ISOLATES USING RAPD-PCR TECHNIQUE by Mitali Dhiman and S. S. Mishra Central Inland Fisheries Resear Aeromonas hydrophila are  involved in various disease problems in humans and aquatic  animals and are known to be  phenotypically, serologically and genetically quite diverse. Development and use of a sensitive and specific  diagnostic test is warranted for detection and characterization of this pathogen.In the present study,  Fish  and water samples from river Hooghly were streaked onto Aeromonas selective growth medium (Rimler-shotts [more...]

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AcroMetrix Announces the Launch of Calibration Panel for CMV DNA ...

The panel was designed to provide traceable results and possess commutable properties across assay systems. A material is considered "commutable" if it behaves like a patient sample on different diagnostic platforms. The OptiQuant CMVtc Calibration Panel is intended for use as a standard to assess the performance of molecular diagnostic test procedures for the determination of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) DNA. Accurate diagnosis of patient disease states requires reference materials that are not only traceable to a higher-order standard, but also closely mimic true patient samples, a property [more...]

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Disease Suspected in Rash of Duck Deaths The Daily...

DNA Solutions Inc. has received a $700,000 Phase II SBIR grant from the Defense Department in collaboration with Oklahoma State University to develop a live test for chronic wasting disease, officials said. Chronic wasting disease is an infectious disease that affects mule deer, white-tailed deer, Rocky Mountain elk and moose, said Dr. Brandt Cassidy, director of laboratory operations for the Oklahoma City-based company. The research will help develop a sensitive detection system that will be able to detect chronic wasting disease before death. Currently, the disease is only detected after [more...]

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SBI Policy Favoring Prosecution Was in Writing | Raleigh Criminal ...

When a Raleigh newspaper reported this past summer that analysts in the crime lab of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation routinely withheld test results favorable to the defendant, the scientific community and defense attorneys urged the state to make the crime lab independent of the state's law enforcement agency. Those efforts may be redoubled in light of recent revelations. This week, the newspaper reported that it was not only the practice for analysts to withhold possibly exculpatory evidence, it was also the policy. According to the audit conducted in August, the SBI had [more...]

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Business Administration, Business Valuation, Economics;Economics [more...]

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Forensic Serology Information Page

What is Forensic Serology?According to forensic serologist Marcella Jones of www.ForensicMentor.com, forensic serology is the analysis of body fluids as they relate to forensic cases, including DNA analysis. Accordingly, the role of the forensic serologist involves:Examining evidence for the presence of body fluids e.g. blood, semen, hair, tissue, saliva, feces, and urineEvaluating evidence for potential DNA analysisEvaluating species of body fluidsPerform PCR (polymerase chain reaction) based typing of STR (short tandem repeat sequences) of genomic DNA, or mitochondrial sequence analysis of [more...]

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