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Eastman's Online Genealogy Newsletter: African Ancestry Seminar at ...

The cost to attend the African Ancestry seminars is free. Those wishing to have their ancestry traced via DNA or have family trees researched can do so for an additional fee. During the African American Cultural Forum, African Ancestry will unveil the DNA tests of esteemed Hampton resident Dr. Mary T. Christian. Dr. Christian, who began her academic career at Hampton Institute (now Hampton University), later returned to the university as Director of the School of Education, rising to Dean of the School of Liberal Arts and Education, before retiring as professor emeritus. In 1985, Dr. [more...]

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Genetic-testing services offer 'misleading' results | California Watch

Flickr photo by Horia Varlan Genetic-testing services that can be administered at home and sent off to a lab misinformed their customers, promising "DNA-based disease predictions" and more, according a government employee's testimony to a Congressional subcommittee Thursday. The testing services – three of which have California offices – were found giving "test results that are misleading and of little or no practical use" to fictitious profiles that the U.S. government accountability office created, Gregory Kutz of the GAO testified Thursday. The GAO purchased 10 tests from four [more...]

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Marcus Garvey and Martin Luther King trace DNA to Sierra Leone ...

The DNA testing of both King and Garvey which were revealed at the African ancestry reveal dinner and program at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta: Cetennial Ballroom 3&4 establish that King and Garvey’s forefathers lived in Sierra Leone hundreds of years ago before they were forcefully taken to the United States as slaves. Garvey and King were among several other African Americans whose DNA results were revealed at the special dinner session on Sunday night at the just ended Africa Policy Forum: A vision for the 21st Century in Atlanta, Georgia. Speaking with the press immediately after the [more...]

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Africa Rising 2010: Three Paths to Dual Citizenship

members of the African Diaspora can now pursue citizenship in countries in which those from their ethnic group now reside. The test, which draws on DNA data from throughout Africa, shows you where the specific branch of your ethnic group resides today. It will not tell you where they were when your ancestors were stolen away, but then the borders established by the colonial powers were and are artificial and do not reflect the normal migration patterns that have held for millennia. We believe this DNA testing can be further certified by African scientists if necessary so that African [more...]

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Opinio Juris » Blog Archive » African Cyberpunk, DNA Hacking, and ...

African Cyberpunk, DNA Hacking, and the Problems of Transnational Regulation There’s a post that’s been making the rounds in the science fiction blogosphere that warrants note by those interested in international law, especially in regards to issues of international trade, development, and regulation. The piece is by Ghanaian writer Jonathan Dotse and it concerns the rise of African cyberpunk. Before getting to Dotse’s post, though, a couple of words on cyberpunk itself. Cyberpunk is a sci-fi style that arose primarily among U.S. and Canadian writersin the 1980’s. Setting aside the [more...]

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DNA findings point to royal roots in African nations

Holland attributes his success to GeneTree, a Utah-based DNA testing service that came up with the Cameroon connection. But GeneTree's chief scientific officer, geneticist Scott Woodward, said Williams' case was far from unusual. "This isn't our home run," Woodward told me. "It takes a lot of regular work. But what did do was give us some nice clues and hints about where he should concentrate his efforts. Should he be looking in Cameroon, or should he be looking in Nigeria? That makes a big difference." In fact, previous genetic tests had indeed suggested that Holland's [more...]

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Womanist Musings: Lost Ancestry: I am a descendant of slaves

Ancestry.ca was built to trace White families I will admit that because my family is Caribbean of descent, our records would certainly be harder to trace, but even if we had been in Canada for generations, tracing them would still be difficult.  This site was built to trace White ancestry confirming once again that white bodies matter.  I cannot even recall seeing a single person of colour in any of the advertisement for this business.  I think I am especially irked every time they point out that  someone found a military relative.  It smacks of suggesting that people of colour have [more...]

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Oditous's 23andme results - ForumBiodiversity.com » Anthropology ...

Got the results today Apparently i'm triracial, most similar with north europeans but cluster with berber Mozabites from africa Maternal and paternal lineages are not really surprising but still kind of unexpected on a subregional scale. Need to do more research on that. At the moment i'm most interested in the 3% Asian admixture. Does anyone know if there's a way to delve deeper into this, even if it's only a small percentage? I'm supposing it's big enough to rule out any possible mistake by 23&me? According to regional breakdown central asians would be the source of my asian [more...]

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inqaba biotec and BODE Technology to host 2nd Annual African DNA ...

The 2nd Annual African DNA Forensics Conference to  be  held  on 28 and 29 October 2010 in Pretoria, will   bring  together  leading  experts  in  the  DNA Forensics  field  from  the  disciplines  of  Science, Law  and  Human  Rights. Held over two days in Pretoria,  it will allow for interactive and in-depth discussions. This will ensure that the knowledge  of DNA Forensics is made accessible to non-scientists while  also allowing  for experts to  share their [more...]

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DNA: African tribal migration patterns - MyHeritage.com ...

DNA: African tribal migration patterns FamilyTreeDNA.com is now cooperating with the Center for African American Genealogy Research (CAAGRI) and the Public Records and Archives Administration of Ghana (PRAAD) by testing several hundred members of the Nzema, Ga, Fante, Ewe and Asante tribes. The results of the DNA tests will be part of a genealogy workshop to be held Friday, October 30 in Accra, Ghana. Led by CAAGRI director Paula Royster, the workshop is aimed at highlighting the importance of recording oral traditions by showing people how to record it. The program will include the use of [more...]

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African-American uses DNA, Royalty Cameroon!

Thanks to DNA testing, Holland is being welcomed as a long-lost relative by a ruling family of the West African nation of Cameroon. He's visited the country once already, back in March, and he'll be getting the royal treatment in November when he goes back with additional members of his family, including his 79-year-old mother. African-American uses DNA, Royalty Cameroon! Posted at September 10, 2010 10:38 [more...]

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Because no one will win the debate on human evolution!

All persons have the same 100% human genes and DNA sequence-based links to an African matriarch. I refer readers to 11th January 1988 cover story in Newsweek that the DNA of humans navigate on the River. This article has been shown that evolutionists have to search, but we are afraidWrite: All people are a unique rainbow family combined. We have the saliva, the same blood type, the same shit and the same disgusting habits: we are not many, but One Race A dysfunctional family! The fact that some pre-human species changed, does not mean that all people have done things before the same thing? [more...]

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54 year old Frenchman accused of African baby benefit scam to ...

A 54-year old man in France arrested for making false paternity declarations for 55 babies from African women has agreed to DNA paternity testing to substantiate his claim that he is in fact their father. The Daily Mail reports that the unnamed man, of Senegalese background, is accused of actively participating in a scheme to allow African women to immigrate to France with full benefits due to his paternity. Official investigators believe that due to the scale of the scheme – where 55 women and their children were registered at the man’s two bedroom flat in Paris – his claims of [more...]

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African Ancestry Tracing Goes Mobile with AfricanAncestry.com's ...

If you think ‘Mobile Ancestry’ is another new app … think again! In an old-school move, African Ancestry, the company that pioneered DNA-based ancestry tracing for people of African descent, is going “mobile” by loading up a van, a video camera and one of its co-founders and taking ancestry tracing on a 14-city trek to help African Americans more easily and accurately access their ancestral roots. The first-ever ‘We Are Africa’ Road Tour kicks off on August 1 in New Orleans and culminates on August 19 in New England, hitting 12 cities in between. To learn more about African [more...]

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Genealogy Blog - AfricanAncestry.com Unlocks Ancestral Roots of Dr ...

AfricanAncestry.com, the pioneers of DNA-based ancestry tracing for African Americans, recently revealed the paternal roots of King and Garvey through their sons -- Martin Luther King III and Dr. Julius Garvey respectively – during a special DNA Reveal Dinner hosted by the Leon H. Sullivan Foundation’s African Policy Summit in Atlanta on Sept. 26. Source & Full [more...]

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That's Just Indian In My Family | Clutch Magazine: The Digital ...

You'd be surprised what you learn when you trace your family tree (aside from the negativity that comes within the family; i.e. jealousy, beef about different skin tones, eye colors, hair etc. .... Why not DNA map to find your African roots ? Either way, while I find the subject intriguing, and i applaud anyone who takes the time out to uncover their history, I am disturbed that the deeper implication seems to be that to be simply black ain't good enough. [more...]

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09/28/2010: Graveyard DNA rewrites African American History

Using DNA analysis of human bones excavated from a graveyard in the Dominican Republic, the study adds weight to the theory that Africans crossed the Atlantic at least 150 years earlier than previously thought. [more...]

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Native American DNA Contribution Among African Americans By Chance ...

Others may have two or three but the reality is the majority of them don't have probably even 10 or more Native American ancestors. Some of the Native American DNA markers that show up in African Americans is the result of a white [more...]

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Father's Rights — DNA Paternity Testing.m4v

Dallas fathers rights attorney Mark Nacol provides information to fathers on DNA Paternity testing. African Ancestry launches the Ancestry Education Project at Walker Jones Education Center in celebration of Black History Month. 7th grade students talk about their perceptions of Africa and how DNA can be used to reveal their ancestry. In January, the students took the ancestry test and the results will be revealed on February 25th. To find out more, visit www.africanancestry.com.Source: DNA [more...]

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Lopez Tonight – George Lopez DNA Test [George Lopez is BLACK ...

George Lopez Mariah Carey DNA Test Native American African European Asian Ever wonder how a DNA paternity test is done? This short video shows how easy it is. Test conducted at DNA Diagnostics Center (DDC) – the worlds largest paternity testing [more...]

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No link between genetic ancestry, asthma response in African ...

Genetic testing was done on DNA isolated from a single blood sample. "This is one of the first studies to use genetic ancestry to help clarify whether response to medication differs from race or ethnic groups," says Keoki Williams, [more...]

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DNA And African Ancestry Test Results

Her admixture test showed her ancestry to be 89% sub-Saharan African, 8% Native American, 3% East Asian (researchers said that Native American ancestral traces show up here too), and 0% European. Henry Louis Gates told Oprah that, no, [more...]

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Lopez Tonight – Snoop Dogg's DNA Test – [Snoop Dogg is WHITE]

Snoop Dogg George Lopez DNA Test African Asian European Native American. Related Posts. Testing Your Maternal Family History Using the Most Popular Dna Test; Should You Have A Paternity DNA Test? Canine DNA test [more...]

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Africanized bee

However, these latter hybrid lines (with European mtDNA) do not appear to propagate themselves well or persist.. In the United States a total of 12 haplotypes of “A” African lineage honey bees have been found using DNA sequencing of a [more...]

Date: 2010-10-09 19:52:13

Wildlife crime case solved with the help of RZSS scientists ...

Wildlife forensic scientists were able to analyse fragments of the horn and they were not only able to use the DNA from the horn to identify which species of animal the horn belonged to but also the individual zoo animal from which the horn had been taken. This helped investigators to solve the mystery the horn’s origin. The horn came from a white rhino like this one. A white rhino's front horn can grow to be over a metre in length. Credit:RZSS The DNA from the horn was matched to a blood sample take from an African white rhino called ‘Simba’ who had been housed at Colchester [more...]

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inqaba biotec and BODE Technology to host 2nd Annual African DNA ...

Oligonucleotide synthesis; Sanger sequencing service using the ABI 3130XL and ABI 3500XL sequencers; High-throughput DNA sequencing service using a Roche /454 GS FLX sequencer; Customised services like amplicon cloning, [more...]

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Want's to know if youer Ivory is Legal or Fake - DNA Test

Want’s to know if youer Ivory is Legal or Fake – DNA Test by sshats on March 26, 2010 Until recently, it was often impossible to determine whether an ivory carving purchased in, say, Bangkok was made from legally from the tusk of a domesticated Asian elephant or illegally from its African cousin as well it’s harder to determine  the Age of  the Elephant Ivory before 1975 or If it’s Mammoth ivory or Elephant Ivory. But today a simple DNA test costing a couple of hundred dollars can spot the contraband. In November, it uncovered a major cache of African ivory in Thailand and led to [more...]

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