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02.03.99a - Emily asks AJ to let Jason keep Michael

A document has arrived at the house for AJ. Emily knows that AJ and Edward are trying to take Michael away from Jason and wants to know what the paper is. AJ says he's not trying to hurt anyone. Emily guesses correctly that AJ has gotten another court order for a paternity test. Emily says that Jason is not going to give up Michael so AJ should just walk away. "Michael only has one father and that's Jason," Emily tells AJ. Kill her AJ. Please. Monica and Edward return home. AJ is on his way out to delivery the court order and Monica asks him to be civil. AJ warns Monica that Emily is upset. AJ Quartermaine, Emily Bowen Quartermaine, Monica Quartermaine, Edward Quartermaine, Billy Warlock, Amber Tamblyn, Leslie Charleson, John Ingle, family, custody fight, General Hospital, GH. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 3 min 51
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Paternity-What you should know

Explains when paternity needs to be acknowledged, what signing a voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity form means to the mother, the father, and the child, and who should (or should not) sign this form. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 11 min 05
Added : 22/09/10 17:29

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Drug/DNA testing Clinic

We specilize in Drug, DNA, Alcohol,DOT & Prevenitive testing. We are located in Huntsville, Al. Ever wanted to get a Paternity test? watch the video. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 9 min 41
Added : 07/04/08 17:09

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