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DNA Paternity Testing

Am I the father of this child? You have the right to know. Not receiving child support? Find out who the father is. Need a DNA test for Immigration? We work will all embassies across the world. Order a mail in kit today Online at www.paternitytestus.com or call 1-866-434-2400 to setup an appointment. Our DNA Experts are standing by to answer your questions throughout days and night. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Cuckoldry and DNA Evidence

Let us spur a debate in the manner of C0ct0pus. Where does paternity leave off and child support begin? Why would a man pay child support for a child not his own? Can you get pregnant if you give a blow job? If you get a vasectomy and your wife gets pregnant, should you get a paternity test on the child? Irrationality and cynicism are explored in this video. Please be an active participant and let your opinions on these matters be heard. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Child Support Slavery Welfare & Black Mental Health - part 2

Maury Povich Fatherlessness Abduction Paternity Tests Barack Obama NWO Child Support Slavery White Supremacy Men WIC How To Make A Slave Mandingo Jesus Christ Fathers Family Mangina BFF Black Gloria Frankenstein Female Feminists Feminism Lost Sheep Israel Ethiopian Afromerican African American world Crucified Black Male Baby Momma Dramas Thugt1cian Komic Genius Willie Lynch Racism Sexism illuminati [ go to Youtube.com ]

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All states need Paternity Fraud laws

Paternity Fraud is rapidly increasing in the US and most states don't have laws to address this. The US needs paternity laws with mandatory DNA test before a child support order is issued to prevent fraud. Thousands of fathers are being force to pay child support subject to incarceration for a child that is not their child because of the lack of laws to address this issue. Anthony Moore - Atlanta,GA [ go to Youtube.com ]

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St Louis Paternity Attorney, Cynthia Fox of Fox Family Lawyers

Cynthia Fox, St. Louis attorney, helps fight for paternity rights, assists with paternity tests and answers all of your paternity questions. Paternity cases are important to moms and dads alike. For mothers, it can pave the way for obtaining financial support for the benefit of the child. For fathers, it can be the catalyst for making sure that he is significantly involved with raising his child. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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DNA Paternity Test - DNA Testing

advancedpaternity.com 888-340-4644 DNA Paternity Test establishes the biological father "paternity test" of an individual. AABB Accredited Paternity Testing is used for Child support cases. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Tampa Family Law Attorney - Paternity

Divorce Attorney Stann Givens discusses paternity testing and child custody. Thelaw firm of Knox & Givens handles all Family Law matters including Divorce, Child Custody and Support, Visitation, Alimony, Property Division, Modifications and more in Tampa and St. Petersburg, Florida. You can contact Mr. Givens at www. FamilyLawFirmFlorida.com or 800-716-6206. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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My response to a video by Fearless2005, talking about the increase of child murders by fathers who are screwed by the court system. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Ora is upset downright furious that Antoine is denying her son. Ora says that she will do anything to make sure her child is well fed and clothed. The only thing she wants Antoine to do is step up and be a man and spend time with her son. Antoine says that he is not her son's father because Ora is a prostitute and the pimp is the baby's father......who is telling the truth....watch and see. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Beverly Hills Lawyer Paternity Attorney Dr. Phil California

www.feinbergwaller.com 800-655-4766 Attorney Marshall Waller, a California board-certified family law specialist, has spoken on the Dr. Phil Show concerning paternity testing. Call an experienced lawyer for help with your paternity issue. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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