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Calf afflicted with CVM Genetic Disease

This calf was born dead and was afflicted with the uncommon genetic disease called Cervical Vertebral Malformation or CVM for short. This recessive gene is found in Holstein cattle. Years ago before the condition was named the calves were commonly known as bulldog calves. Through artifical insemination the disease will eventually be eliminated due to rigorous genetic testing. The sire of this calf was a herd bull who wasn't tested. His paternal grandsire carries the recessive gene. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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DNA/paternity swab test experience(33 weeks of my belly blog)

i sent my saliva sample to ibdna.canada...we waited 2weeks almost for the results..its convinient,,,for only $269 u can received the result either email and postmail... u need at least not to eat for about 2hrs before the test.. wash ur mouth only water. no toothpaste. dont drink coffee. dont smoke. take care not to touch the tip of the swab collect cheek cells by rolling the tip of the sample collection swab firmly inside of both cheek(30 times 1-2mins) this action should be firm but not agressive and should not be uncomfortable.. do not put back in plastic packiging. ensure that you complete and sign the details required outside d envelope . allow the swab to air dry at room temperature for at least 15minutes to avoid contamination,do not allow the tips of the swabs to touch anything.. be sure to seal the envelope firmly.. once all DNA samples have been collected,applicants (or their legal guardian) should sign relevant section aswell as their sample collection envelope.. best regards to all!^-^Mama Honey naz' [ go to Youtube.com ]

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DNA Testing

See the full video at accu-metrics.com Accu-Metrics conducts paternity testing on behalf of only the highest accredited DNA laboratories in North America. The latest state-of-the-art genetic analysis and robotic technology is utilized. The process of extracting and analysing samples has become automated and employs advanced CNC technology; human interaction with samples has been minimized. This virtually eliminates any possibilities for sample contamination. Watch how samples are extracted, analyzed, and tracked by laser scanners. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Download free for iPod/iTunes/Quicktime AT www.jaredsales.com Shot and Edited in 6 hours for the Project Project Festival in Toronto at the Comedy Bar. More info at www.projectproject.ca An expecting mother tries to decide which of 3 guys is the father of her baby. Edited and Directed by Jared Sales Starring Alana Johnston Dan Jeannotte AL Connors and Adam Cawley Written by All of the above... Opening music by Laura Barrett [ go to Youtube.com ]

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