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Kenny Easterday // The man with Half a Body Special Documentary // Watch

If you didn't catch the special on TV discussing the life of Kenny Easterday, the man with half a body. Then now is your chance. The full documentary here: tinyurl.com Kenny was born with a rare spinal disorder called sacral agenesis which stopped his spine from developing normally. When he was just six-months-old doctors amputated both his legs and used part of his shinbone to complete his partially-formed spine. Doctors offered Kenny,35, the latest prosthetic legs to assist him when he was a child - but he hated wearing them. Download Link: tinyurl.com This is the whole TLC/Discovery special [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Caroline Benson 1997 284

Tony says it unlikely that the child is his and Jason says the baby's is Carly's. Tony says as soon as the baby is born he will have a paternity test. He and Carly argue and Jason asks Tony to leave and Tony demands that Carly is going with him because he will not expose his child to the dangerous enviroment but Carly refuses to go and says her child will be safe and especially from him and that he is nothing to the baby and Jason is the its father and he will protect them both. Tony leaves and Carly cant believe she ever thought she ever loved him. She tells Jason that he is the bestfriend anyone has ever had. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Is Bristol Palin Baby Trig's Mother? Evidence & Pictures

THE ORIGINAL VIDEO THAT STARTED IT ALL. Bristol Palin was out of sight for the last five months of her mom Sarah Palin's reported pregnancy, and no one in the Guv's circle saw signs of pregnancy. Some pictorial evidence, and four month old articles from the Fairbanks Newsminer raise serious questions. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Paternity-What you should know

Explains when paternity needs to be acknowledged, what signing a voluntary Acknowledgment of Paternity form means to the mother, the father, and the child, and who should (or should not) sign this form. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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