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GH 05/18/04 Jason and Sam

Jason takes Sam to General Hospital for another exam because she is worried after her fall. Jax is pushing for the paternity test but Sonny tells him to back off. Dr. Meadows says Sam is fine but the paternity test will have to wait a while. She also says that Sam can leave but not alone, she needs someone to stay with her. Jason says she could stay with him. She accepts and they leave together. She forgets her bag and Jason goes to get it. Carly comes out and goes on the attack. Jason tells Sam he does not think she got pregnant on purpose. (Credit Don't Leave Home/ Always and Forever and NickyM96 at Trusted Hearts, Dominoes and tequila) [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Reva & Josh (#2A) Marah's Birthday party

Reva tells Josh that she can't prove Alan knew about the first test but she and Sonni think Will is the one that altered the first test. Josh suspects that Will may have kidnapped Marah. Reva is worried about Rusty because he thinks Will kidnapped Marah and killed Rose. Josh asks to talk to Wanda as Maureen and Fletcher leave. Wanda is able to get the information about the doctor who switched Marah's first paternity result. Marah tells Josh how much she loves her pony as Josh decides to go to New Orleans to talk to the doctor. Reva is proud that Josh hasn't killed Alan yet but he threatens to do it when he gets back. Marah asks if she can sleep in the stable with the pony. Josh leaves. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Sami switches Lexie's paternity test - Part 1

December 2002 - Sami follows Dr. Bader around the hospital, anxiously awaiting any word on Lexie's paternity test. She finally hears Lexie call in and learns that the test won't be ready for a while, so Sami calls the lab and convinces Eugenia to allow her to pick up the test results and deliver them to Bader. Brandon takes Sami to lunch at the pub, then Sami gets a call that the test results are in and she dashes back to the hospital to get them. Meanwhile, Lexie is miserable as she waits for the test results on her baby. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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BBC Look East Man who stole from charity & DIY DNA Paternity test + Roman Circus 4 sale @ Colchester

News 12th8th09 Kings Lynn Man who stole from charity jail. Ipswich murders police give more time to question man. Ronnie Biggs film released. DIY DNA Paternity test. Talks to save jobs at Haymills firm. Clamp down on punting in Cambridge. Remains of roman circus up for sale in Colchester. Cambridge university come up with clever idea to monitor pollution. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 8 min 44
Added : 18/08/09 10:42

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