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The First Americans - Part 4 - DNA

Contrary to popular belief, the first Americans were not Indians who migrated to the Americas across a land bridge from Asia, the first Americans were the Solutrians, a European people who migrated to the Americas roughly 25000 years ago. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 23/10/09 17:24

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Mayday 2010 DNA World Tour 五月天DNA創造演唱會世界巡迴Date: April 10, 2010 Time: 7:00pm Venue: Gibson Amphitheatre Ticket prices: $48, $68, $98, $148, $188 Footage of Mayday show in Taiwan. Link good for download until 1/31/10: www.yousendit.com Mayday: A band of five talented musicians, the most popular rock band in Taiwan, China, and Hong Kong and some Far East countries. The Tour: Mayday 2010 DNA World Tour. They have begun world touring since 2009 to most of the major cities in China like Beijing, and Shanghai, as well as cities with high Chinese population like Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Japan Mayday will begin its North America tour this year. Music Genre: soft rock. Mayday is mostly influenced by Beatles, their admired idols. Maydays music is made toward mostly young adults of ages of 20 to 40, inspiring, love songs, and positive Additional info: (see attached Power Point) For more info call: StarZone Entertainment 626.821.0788 [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 27/01/10 04:01

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A Link for the Missing -- DNA "Fingerprinting"

The process of DNA profiling was developed by British geneticist Alec Jeffries in 1984 and has been instrumental in the forensic analysis of crime scene evidence leading to the conviction of perpetrators and the freeing of innocent convicts. This segment looks at the use of DNA fingerprinting as an additional way to identify children in the event of their disappearance.All 50 Secrets of the Sequence videos have an accompanying classroom-tested lesson that encourages students to further explore the video topics. Each lesson includes background information, state and national science standards, discussion questions and answers, teacher notes and an activity that will ensure a hands-on, "minds-on" experience. To see lessons for this series, visit www.pubinfo.vcu.edu [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 24/06/08 14:56

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{AMEGA GLOBAL} DNA (Dynamic Nutrition Advantage) **Superfoods From Amega Global** "Amega amWand"

www.adivinewand.com ~ Go to www.adivinewand.biz - then Call .~ 760-625-1509 - http ~then Call me at: 760-625-1509 (Ron) ~ "Work From Home" ~ www.adivinewand.info ~ Having a Home Business that really works for the *Everyday Person* This a Product Driven Company New to USA and Canada,but almost 5 years old in the Asia Market.with Amazing Self Healing Products that anyone can demostrate If you know anyone who suffers from daily or just pain in general then you have millions of people to introduce to these amazing products to and Amega Global will reward you beyond your wildest dreams. http ~ The most fun thing you will ever do is what business partners are saying.Would you like to get paid sharing a technology that NOBODY else has to offer and will change the world forever? Zero Point Energy infused technology is HERE and you can be a part of it ~ call 760-625-1509 Having a Home Business that really works for the *Everyday Person* ~ www.adivinewand.net - 760-625-1509 [ go to Youtube.com ]

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AMGeneX DNA - Nutrition Advantage - AMized® Fusion Technology

www.AmegaGlobal.eu http AMized®Fusion Technology is Amega's proprietary technology solely developed by the Amega Global Research and Development Team; comprising a group of scientists, doctors and physicists. It is a resonance technology developed over a period of 25 years of research applying the principles of Quantum Physics and Quantum Mechanics. With the application of the AMized® Fusion Technology process, any matter, whether it be organic, abstract, power, stone, metal, or any substance, can be enhanced to resonate at Zero-Point field. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 24/04/10 00:14

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Presentation DNA - Part 1 Using Pictures

The first in an occasional series in which we examine some of the principles of good presentation. A picture is worth a thousand words - so they say. But, whether those words are positive or not depends on how well we incorporate these visual elements into our presentations. In this short tutorial, Mark Buchanan from practicaleyes.net presents some principles to help you use pictures effectively in your presentations. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 02/06/09 09:04

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Industrial Microbiology PowerPoint

A slideshow explaining the basics behind genetic engineering as it relates to microorganisms; the technology of recombinant DNA; the use of mRNA, cDNA, expression vectors and plasmids; and applications of genetically modified bacteria, such as with insulin production, oil spill cleanup, and crops. [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 27/04/10 21:09

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DNA and Point Zero - Kishori Aird

Did you know that DNA possesses a vibratory, electromagnetic field that is sensitive to human intention? Did you know that the study of the human genome covers only 3% of all DNA and that scientists refer to the rest as junk or random DNA?Did you know that DNA contains not 2 but 13 strands and that these can be reconnected and activated? Did you know that, much like a computer, DNA possesses built-in programs, and that these can be modified? www.kishori.org [ go to Youtube.com ]

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Added : 27/02/10 16:33

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DNA Fingerprinting powerpoint

This particular file is done by my friend selvam who is doing BE Computer Science with me.Which will be very informative about DNA FINGERPRINTING.Great job. [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 2 min 35
Added : 21/08/09 12:56

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Barcamp JB 2008 - Aizat Powerpoint Karaoke (Topic : The DNA Code) PART 2

Event : Barcamp JB 6-7 Dec '08 Location : Menara MSC Cyberport (JB) More info : barcamp.my Welcome to join our Malaysia Entrepreneurs Group www.facebook.com [ go to Youtube.com ]

Time : 5 min 46
Added : 17/12/08 20:42

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