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Religion-related Child Physical Abuse: Characteristics and ...

We describe in statistical detail the nature and circumstances of the abuse, characteristics of victims and perpetrators, and the spiritual and psychological impact of the abuse. Results indicate that although the basic characteristics of religion-related physical abuse are similar to non- religion-related physical abuse, religion-related abuse has significantly more negative implications for its victims' long-term psychological well-being. Religion and child abuse 3 Religion-related Child Physical Abuse: Characteristics and Psychological Outcomes Religion provides specific directives for [more...]

Date: 2010-10-13 15:42:01

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When the Kids Grow Up and Find Out About the Test Tubes

When I do presentations on in vitro fertilization, audience members sometimes ask whether test tube babies experience psychological problems as they grow up. Although they clearly face elevated health risks for a number of diseases and physical disorders, the psychological effects on these children have not been thoroughly studied. Nevertheless, children born from other, closely related technologies, like anonymous sperm donation, are starting to be tracked, and researchers are finding that these children face significant difficulties in dealing with their feelings and emotions as they [more...]

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3 Danger Signs Your Partner May Be Having An Affair | World of ...

Mira Kirshenbaum is one of my favorite relationship experts. She has written two books that I often recommend to my clients: Too Good to Leave, Too Bad to Stay and Women and Love. They are easy reads, full of compassion and insight. As I contemplated writing a post about how couples become vulnerable to affairs I read this interview of Ms. Kirshenbaum where she really says it all: Is Your Partner Cheating on You? on Mira’s blog. Here she talks not only about real risk factors, she also rules out signs that could be misread. In other words, not all suspicious signs point to an [more...]

Date: 2010-10-13 14:02:28

Pre-Natal Scans And Check ups From London Ultrasound Centre ...

Further scans comprise the Fetal Welfare Scan and also the 20-Week Anomaly Scan, as well as Viability and Dating along with early Pregnancy scans to determine the delivery date Experts in CVS (Chorion Villus Sampling) can test for family genetic problems. The clinic are also specialists in screening for Ovarian Cancer and undertaking pre-natal genetic tests. The clinic in addition undertakes Cocoon 4D Baby Scans, amongst many others. The centre is renowned for its efficiently in performing parenthood testing, fundamentally to determine parentage of an unborn infant LUC is also a centre for [more...]

Date: 2010-10-12 12:10:13

Ironman 101: The Psychology, Biology and Politics of Food

My sister, Francie, sent me an email the other day and I have decided to post it on my blog.  I found it very interesting.  My sister and her family recently moved to (I am going on vacation to visit for the entire month of November!)  As a side note - I ate a whole bunch of pop tarts while training for ironman last year. I started watching that course through Yale University about The Psychology, Biology, and Politics of Food. It's great! Of course, it confirms a lot of what I already knew and thought. Here is a link: [more...]

Date: 2010-10-13 12:00:00

October 10: World Mental Health Day | World of Psychology

Psychotherapists can provide not only personal therapy for coping, but may also be resources for group and family therapy. And, as the Course in Miracles suggests about the importance of psychotherapy “… only the mind can be healed.” Having a psychotherapist to help in the healing process can aid in the mind-body healing process. Take care of yourself. Rest, exercise (if your physical limitations allow it), eat a proper diet, and have fun. Don’t let yourself go. A positive outlook is easier to maintain when you are immersed in self-care. Practice the principles of positive psychology, [more...]

Date: 2010-10-10 22:58:46

How The Environment Plays A Role In Learning | World News Today

For instance, certain individuals may be brought up in the same culture, come from the same income bracket, they may like the same leisure activities and score the same results in an IQ test but one may still be more knowledgeable than the other. This is because every individual has their own uniqueness and they respond differently to different environments. (Wood, 1998) Some environments may enhance learning experiences in comparison to others. For instance, environments in which there are many knowledgeable people normally encourage others to want to learn more about them. Therefore, such [more...]

Date: 2010-10-13 16:42:05

Natural remedies for passing drug tests | health 71

span style = “font-size: 12pt font-family:” Times New Roman “”> By the way drug testing is very important when it comes to renew the license or the new one does. If drug tests to obtain positive results, the license will be terminated immediately. In addition, driving under the influence of drugs is a serious offense. However, the fact that there are many people who can handle the influence of drugs and the vehicle effectively. But in the eyes of the law, they are also law-breakers. Although these persons in a position to have to overcome the influence of drugs, they are not in a [more...]

Date: 2010-10-13 11:28:31

Psychological, Physical Factors Complicate Care for Chronic ...

Individuals with a diagnosis of cancer or a chronic disease often experience mental trauma. In turn, the psychological insult is linked to physical or somatic symptoms. In the case of cancer, depression and pain is often accompanied by symptoms such as dry mouth and nausea. Having many physical, or somatic, symptoms is known to adversely affect patients in primary care settings. “Somatic symptoms account for more than half of all general medical visits, lack a definitive medical explanation one third to half of the time and are frequently persistent,” the authors write. “Physical and [more...]

Date: 2010-10-12 11:58:48

Forex Trading Psychology « Pure Forex

Supporting them during some time you give the chance to yourself to test something deeper in the perception and to feel something concerning the decision. By means of efforts of consciousness or attempts of interpretation you can’t simply receive it. If you want to participate in forex trading should start from learning the basics of currency exchange market to make sure you do not have problems with this industry. There is another option – you can hire professional traders to managed your trading account – read more about forex investment here. Also make sure to look for the knowledge [more...]

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Identity Online Personality Test - New Style Reports Now Available

Psychometric Tests - Aptitude Tests - Personality Questionnaires - Human Resource Training - Business Psychology Consultancy Saville Consulting Wave - Identity Personality Assessment - Apollo Profile - Psychometric Assessment Training - Online Psychometric Courses British Psychological Society Level A & B Certificates of Competence in Occupational Testing Psychometric Testing, Human Resource Training & Consulting from offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Pakistan, Australia and UK. Website © 2001-2010 PsyAsia International Pte. Ltd. A Psychology1 Group Site. All rights [more...]

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Adapting Educational And Psychological Tests For Cross-Cultural ...

It provides an excellent resource for courses in psychometric methods, test construction, and educational and/or psychological assessment, testing, and measurement. Written by internationally known scholars in psychometric methods and cross-cultural psychology, the collection of chapters should also provide essential information for educators and psychologists involved in cross-cultural assessment, as well as students aspiring to such [more...]

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