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Conservation of Plant Species in DNA Banks | Plant Biotech Blog ...

Although the MBG describes its activity as ‘DNA Banking’, there is no evidence on its website that MBG banks extracted DNA samples.  It is a collection of samples of plant material stored at -20°C, suitable for DNA extraction.  Voucher specimens for these samples are deposited at the MBG or other institutions.  The material is provided to researchers against an agreement for molecular studies but not for commercial purposes such as bioprospecting, or screening for genes of interest in agricultural research. DNA Bank Brazilian Flora Species The Bank at the Rio de Janeiro Botanical [more...]

Date: 2008-09-24 17:57:16

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Ph.D or post-doc assistantship in plant evolution/biogeography at ...

The successful applicant will choose one or more of these plant families to: generate flow cytometry data aimed at determining ploidy levels; generate nuclear DNA sequences and infer species trees; incorporate ecological data to investigate issues of niche conservatism vs. niche evolution in the selected groups. Requirements: Demonstrated experience in molecular, phylogenetic and flow-cytometry methods and/or ecological niche modeling will be highly valued in the selection process. Excellent knowledge of the English language, written and oral, required. Familiarity with additional European [more...]

Date: 2010-06-04 13:05:00

Book Review-Portrait of a Killer-Jack the Ripper-Case Closed by ...

She explains that it is like an egg where nuclear DNA would be found in the yolk, whereas mitochondrial DNA would be found in the egg white. Apparently, mitochondrial DNA is passed down only from the mother. This is the sort of analysis that Cornwall delves into. I won’t be giving anything away by telling you that Cornwall names world famous artist of the time (the late 1800’s) Walter Sickert as Jack the Ripper. She tells you herself on the inside dust jacket of the book. What is intriguing is the way that Cornwall arrives at this conclusion. She compares handwriting, tests DNA on [more...]

Date: 2010-10-08 07:33:41

Belize Manatees a Separate Subspecies, DNA Confirms - Chaa Creek

While mitochondrial DNA is good for understanding historical relationships on an evolutionary time scale, nuclear DNA can provide a modern-day assessment of whether the two populations are migrating and interbreeding, the researchers said. The genetic evidence suggested Florida manatees (Trichechus manatus latirostris) are not regularly mixing with populations of Antillean manatees (Trichechus manatus manatus) in Belize. Bottleneck species Belize’s Antillean populations also scored lower in genetic diversity than textbook examples of “bottlenecked” endangered species, such as Wanglang [more...]

Date: 2010-09-14 16:58:54

When the environment kills: Can living in a cancer cluster raise ...

Ionizing radiation: CT Scans, X-rays, and nuclear radiation all have a damaging affect on DNA. Radon:Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that is a natural occurring element in the environment, but it is also deadly. Exposure to radon has been linked to lung cancer in several epidemiological studies. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that one in 15 homes have elevated radon levels in the United States. This gas can also be found in groundwater, soil or building materials. There have also been significant levels of radon found in tunnels, power stations, caves, public baths and [more...]

Date: 2010-10-13 11:11:19

5 minute DNA Extraction in a Shot Glass

A blog that offers research to help you achieve and maintain health… "If we don't play God, who will?" – James Watson Intro: 5 minute DNA Extraction in a Shot Glass Despite its exotic-sounding name, DNA is ubiquitous – it can be found in every cell of every living thing and almost everywhere on the planet. Nonetheless, we rarely come face-to-face with the molecule itself – and it’s not because DNA is difficult to find or isolate! In this instructable, we’ll show you how to isolate your own DNA with little more than some dish soap, table salt, high-proof alcohol, a shot glass, and [more...]

Date: 2009-11-13 04:41:42

Expression Profiling of PBMC-based Diagnostic Gene Markers ...

Expression Profiling of PBMC-based Diagnostic Gene Markers Isolated from Vasculitis Patients Shigeto Kobayashi1, Akihiko Ito2, Daisuke Okuzaki3,4, Hiroaki Onda3,5, Norikazu Yabuta3, Ippei Nagamori3, Kazuo Suzuki6,7, Hiroshi Hashimoto1 and Hiroshi Nojima3,4,5,* 1Department of Rheumatology and Internal Medicine, Juntendo University School of Medicine, 2-1-1 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo 113-8421, Japan 2Division of Molecular Pathology, Department of Cancer Biology, Institute of Medical Science, The University of Tokyo, 4-6-1 Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-8639, Japan 3Department of [more...]

Date: 2010-09-04 18:43:52

The effect of DNA signals on nucleosome formation, chromatin ...

Much of the human genome is non-coding and it seems likely that at least some of the non-coding DNA is functionally important. However, only little is known about the possible function of the bulk of the human genome. Since essentially all the nuclear DNA is packaged into chromatin, it is likely that functional effects of non-coding DNA are mediated by the chromatin structure. By making use of human genomic sequence information now available, we showed that a specific set of periodic DNA motifs (period-10 VWG/CWB) encoded in genomic DNA is predicted to influence human chromosome function. The [more...]

Date: 2010-08-25 23:15:17

[Dna: Replication, Repair, Recombination, and Chromosome Dynamics ...

In most cells, 100-1000 Okazaki fragments are produced for each replicative DNA polymerase present in the cell. For fast-growing cells, this necessitates rapid recycling of DNA polymerase on the lagging strand. Bacteria produce long Okazaki fragments (1-2 kb) and utilize a highly processive DNA polymerase III (pol III), which is held to DNA by a circular sliding clamp. In contrast, Okazaki fragments in eukaryotes are quite short, 100-250 bp, and thus the eukaryotic lagging strand polymerase does not require a high degree of processivity. The lagging strand polymerase in eukaryotes, polymerase [more...]

Date: 2008-10-17 07:00:00

Yearning for (re)animate Nature: Faunal Colonialism in ...

In the case of woolly mammoths found frozen in permafrost—which are among the best preserved specimens of extinct Pleistocene fauna—only short strands of mitochondrial DNA have been recovered—not the nuclear DNA that would be necessary for cloning (Lindahl 1999)”. Cited in Yule. (Wayne et al. also confirm the 100,000 years limit.) But in the future, as they say, it could be possible. And as an aside, We wonder when Bog’men’ Icemen, peat men etc and mummies, will be cloned, and the possible themepark/spectacular forms this may [more...]

Date: 2010-10-09 10:39:04

How to grow muscles? – Muscle Growth Explanation | DNA Sequencing

But in fact, from childhood to adolescence are subjected to human healthAn increase of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) content of muscle tissue. Since muscle tissue contains only diploid nuclei contain a constant amount of DNA (about 6.2 picograms per nucleus). During intrauterine life, the process of cell growth (DNA and protein-DNA-growth), hyperplasia and hypertrophy occur, the. After puberty, the increase in cell size for a limited time. The increase in DNA accountsincrease in content in the nuclei of muscle fibers. The amount of DNA into muscle is a measure of the number of nuclear DNA and [more...]

Date: 2010-09-15 12:51:07

Healing heart attack victims, one cell at a time

Buchholz found that people born around or after the nuclear bomb tests corresponded to atmospheric concentrations several years after the subjects' birth, indicating substantial postnatal DNA syntheses. “By analyzing individuals born at different times before 1955, it is possible to establish the age up to which DNA synthesis occurs, or whether it continues beyond that age,” Buchholz said. In the study, carbon 14 concentrations were elevated in subjects compared to those people born up to 22 years before the beginning of nuclear bomb tests. “DNA of myocardial cells is synthesized [more...]

Date: 2009-04-02 18:00:00

Examining Mitochondrial DNA Damage

Under normal growth conditions, ROS leads to a low level of mtDNA and nuclear DNA (nDNA) damage, which is rapidly repaired, and most oxidative DNA lesions are repaired by the base excision repair (BER) pathway ... The purpose of the study presented here was to determine if there is an increased mtDNA in the lens with age. ... The gene expression key BER enzymes decreased with age, which caused a decrease in the repairing capability of the mtDNA and the accumulation of mtDNA damage. The increased mtDNA damage and decreased expression of BER enzymes may cause a "vicious cycle" of [more...]

Date: 2010-09-09 03:15:50

Starchild Skull 2010 DNA Result - Earth Changes and the Pole Shift

Part of the nuclear DNA have can thus reduced to its ( expected ) of human origin, while have surrendered to others subsections at all , no significant similarities and similarities to other earthly creatures. That is, the genotype of the father was definitely not found in the database of the National Institutes of Health (NIH ) in Maryland. The NIH is the world 's largest database of genetic information of many species of viruses , bacteria , crustaceans, fish to all types of plants and animals , including primates and humans. These results of DNA analysis were repeated several times and [more...]

Date: 2010-09-26 08:31:32

Is there a Cure for Autoimmune Disease? — DrHyman.com

Her muscle enzymes and liver function tests showed severe damage. She had many autoimmune antibodies (anti-nuclear antibodies, rheumatoid factor, anti-SSA, anti-DNA, anti-RNP, lupus anticoagulant), a sign that the levels at which the body was attacking itself were extremely elevated. Other markers of inflammation were extremely high as well. Her white blood count and red blood cell count were low. Her vitamin D was also low. She had elevated levels of antibodies to gluten, which is a common cause of autoimmune disease and triggers significant intestinal inflammation. And her mercury level was [more...]

Date: 2010-10-09 17:24:25

SpringerProtocols: Abstract: The State-of-the-Art of Chromatin ...

The biological significance of interactions of nuclear proteins with DNA in the context of gene expression, cell differentiation, or disease has immensely been enhanced by the advent of chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP). ChIP is a technique whereby a protein of interest is selectively immunoprecipitated from a chromatin preparation to determine the DNA sequences associated with it. ChIP has been widely used to map the localization of post-translationally modified histones, histone variants, transcription factors, or chromatin-modifying enzymes on the genome or on a given locus. In [more...]

Date: 2009-08-01 04:00:00

CSIRO PUBLISHING - Australian Journal of Zoology

Divergent lineages in the heath mouse (Pseudomys shortridgei) are indicative of major contraction to geographically isolated refugia on the eastern and western sides of Australia during the early Pleistocene Maria Salinas A, Michael Bunce B, Damien Cancilla B, Deryn L. Alpers B and Peter B. S. Spencer B C A Departament de Ciència Animal i dels Aliments, Facultat de Veterinària, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, 08193 Bellaterra (Barcelona), Spain. B Biological Sciences and Biotechnology, Murdoch University, Murdoch, Perth, Western Australia 6150, Australia. C [more...]

Date: 2009-05-25 14:00:45

The Aging Brain - Annual Review of Pathology: Mechanisms of ...

... long distances in the brain. Hence, this neuronal population is also quite vulnerable to mitochondrial dysfunction. Two major sites of mitochondrial damage during aging are the respiratory chain enzymes and mitochondrial DNA (63). .... These observations suggest that impaired mitochondrial function can lead to nuclear DNA damage that may, in turn, reduce the expression of nuclear-encoded mitochondrial genes, setting up a deleterious feedback loop in the aging brain. [more...]

Date: 2008-01-30 23:28:43

Lens. Hyperbaric oxygen. Oxygen-induced changes. DNA repair enzymes.

“Therefore, mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) is at particularly high risk of ROS-induced damage.” “Oxidative damage to mtDNA has been implicated as a causative factor in a wide variety of degenerative diseases and aging.” “However, the effect of mtDNA damage to the lens has not been studied.” “The goals of the study were to identify if there was increased mtDNA damage in lens when the eye were exposed to hyperoxic or hypoxic conditions and also to evaluate the changes in gene expression of mtDNA base excision repair (mtBER) enzymes.” “Our data have shown that the damage of mtDNA, [more...]

Date: 2010-10-03 06:46:55

Forensic DNA Analysis – What is Mitochondrial DNA?

Mitochondrial DNA can also be found in some tissues where nuclear DNA normally does not exist. For instance, dead cellular debris can be found in human hair. However, the only thing that is living in human hair the follicle, [more...]

Date: 2010-08-22 08:31:49

Bili Ape – HENRY

While preliminary genetic testing with non-nuclear DNA indicate a close relationship with the Eastern Chimpanzee Pan troglodytes schweinfurthii subspecies of the Common Chimpanzee, a range of behaviors that are more closely related to those of gorillas have greatly intrigued primatologists from around the globe. The mixture of traits has led to questions of taxonomic classification. –Bili [more...]

Date: 2010-10-12 08:02:21

DNA analysis – Using reagents?

The only problem is that when the cell's DNA is released from its protective nuclear membrane during extraction, the cell's DNA becomes exposed to its very own DNases. Some extraction protocols call for the use of special reagents that [more...]

Date: 2010-08-10 04:18:09

LEGO animation of DNA transcription process « Ali Kuru

Just found an interesting video of DNA transcription process, created with LEGO animation :) The bright orange subunits are the mRNA nucleotides. In transcription, the single stranded messenger RNA (a copy of the DNA gene) is produced by the base paring rule. The mRNA then exits the nucleus through a pore in the nuclear membrane. Tags: biology, dna, dna transcription, lego, mrna, Science This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009 at 5:30 pm and is filed under Science. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave [more...]

Date: 2009-03-03 15:30:48

Journal of Autoimmune Diseases | Full text | Autoantigenic nuclear ...

POLDIP3 binds to DNA and RNA during replication process, is a specific target of S6 kinase 1, interacts with p50 subunit of DNA polymerase delta, possess duplex DNA-unwinding and ATPase activities and regulates cell growth . The four autoantigenic proteins reported are of nuclear localization. Sizes of the above mentioned clones, genes that encode them, chromosome in which they are and data of the proteins are shown in Table [more...]

Date: 2008-07-14 00:00:00

Basic Principles

Nuclear or genomic DNA is found in all nucleated cells as well as in the reproductive cells (eggs and sperm). The amount of DNA we can expect to find in different cells and types of evidence is found in Table 1. ... The second method is a specialized 'nonorganic' extraction using Chelex beads. Chelex beads can only be used when PCR-based DNA testing is going to be used. The basic DNA extraction procedures, whether organic or non-organic, can be adapted for special [more...]

Date: 2010-08-01 06:59:59

Extracting DNA from Your Cells

1 DNA Based on and adapted from the Genetic Science Learning Center's “How to Extract DNA from Any Living Thing” (learn_genetics_utah_edu/units/activities/extraction/) and BioRad's “Genes in a bottle” ... Adding the detergent to you cheek cell solution will break open the cell membranes and nuclear membranes and release your DNA into the solution. Step 2: Enzymes Add a pinch of enzyme (meat tenderizer) to your test tube. With your gloved thumb (or palm) covering the top [more...]

Date: 2010-04-15 13:51:06

Graduate/Postdoctoral researcher in Ravenna- University of Bologna ...

DNA extraction, - PCR amplification of mitochondrial / nuclear loci – sequencing – database management, - troubleshooting during laboratory analyses. Candidates should have a Master's Degree in biological science or related fields. [more...]

Date: 2010-08-11 09:00:43

Bile Acid Extends the life of Yeast | Niclear Fusion - Nuclear Fusion

... altering oxidation-reduction processes in mitochondria, enhancing resistance to oxidative and thermal stresses, suppressing mitochondria-controlled apoptosis, and enhancing stability of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. [more...]

Date: 2010-10-07 16:51:26

Mitochondrial DNA rearrangement associated with fertility ...

Comparison of the mitochondrial DNA restriction patterns of CMS-Sprite, the three fertile revertants, and the five restored lines revealed loss of a 6.0-kilobase (kb) Pst I fragment in all restored and revertant lines. Southern hybridizations with a 1.3-kb BamHI clone, internal to the 6.0-kb Pst I fragment, as a probe revealed two configurations of 6.0-kb homologous sequences in the sterile cytoplasm; one of the configurations was lost upon reversion or restoration. Mitochondrial DNA rearrangement has thus been observed upon restoration by a nuclear restorer gene in this CMS [more...]

Date: 2010-09-29 13:30:31

Cat DNA Can Aid in Criminal Investigations | easyDNA Blog

If you have ever inquired about a hair DNA test or know some of the basics of DNA you may know that DNA is found throughout nucleated cells in the body. Since hairs are simply made up of protein then we know that there is no nuclear DNA in hair. The same applies for cats- there is no nuclear DNA in cat hair. However, cat hair and human hair contain what is known as MtDNA (mitochondrial DNA) and this, like nuclear DNA, is unique to each of us. Cat DNA convicts murderer A body was found in a grave on Prince Edward Island, Canada. Police investigators identified the body as belonging to Shirley [more...]

Date: 2010-05-20 08:24:39

Cytoplasmic & Nuclear RNA Purification Kit

RT-PCR was performed using human beta actin primers on 2 µL of the 50 µL of cytoplasmic RNA isolated from 1 million HeLa cells using Bio-Synthesis's Cytoplasmic & Nuclear RNA Purification Kit. Lane M is Bio-Synthesis's PCRSizer DNA ladder, Lanes 1 and 3 are the negative control (PCR only, without reverse transcript), and Lanes 2 and 4 are the actual RT-PCR that show the expected 166 bp RT-PCR product. The expected amplicon size from the gene copy is the same as the that from the RNA transcript. The lack of a product in lanes 1 and 3 indicate that no genomic DNA contamination is present in [more...]

Date: 2010-08-16 04:58:00

IQGAP1 translocates to the nucleus in early S-phase and ...

In support of this, we used immunoprecipitation assays to show that the nuclear pool of IQGAP1 in G1/S-arrested cells associates with DNA replication complex factors RPA32 and PCNA. More important, the siRNA-mediated silencing of IQGAP1 [more...]

Date: 2010-10-06 13:10:04

The cell nucleus – a mystery of evolution | DNA Sequencing

For example, eachDrosophila nucleus contains four pairs of chromosomes, each containing 23 pairs of human core. Chromosomes consist of DNA-histone proteins as a wound coil wire wound. If this DNA is wrapped around the genes of genes, those copied into RNA, which contain DNA. The soul itself is a double membrane separating the contents enclosed by the nuclear cytoplasm of the cell keeps the rest. This double membrane is studdedlet certain molecules pass through pores. RNA copies of genes, for example, pass through the pores from the nucleus to the cytoplasm e. There are activities for the [more...]

Date: 2010-10-06 14:50:15

Pathogenic and Epiphenomenal Anti-DNA Antibodies in SLE

Part of the pathogenicity of anti-DNA autoantibodies might be due to cell destruction, leading to the release of nuclear contents and thus new antigens into the blood stream with perpetuation and maintenance of the anti-DNA ... He also noticed that there were the patients with SLE in an active disease who presented with increased levels of anti-ss-DNA antibody (IgG class) just prior to the disease period (reported in MESACUP DNA TEST “ss” medical and Biological [more...]

Date: 2010-10-07 21:04:30

BIO-SYNTHESIS - Custom Antibody Custom Peptide Synthesis Custom ...

BIO-SYNTHESIS, INC. is a leading life science products company with over 20 years of experience in the design and synthesis of Custom Peptide, small molecules and reagents for small scale research and bulk pharmaceutical trials. Using state of the art technology in our well-equipped laboratories. Emerin Antibody Catalog# : 4031 Emerin is a serine-rich nuclear membrane protein and a member of the nuclear lamina-associated protein family that includes proteins such as LAP2 and MAN1. Each family member, including Emerin, has an ~40 amino acid LEM-domains that binds barrier-to-autointegration [more...]

Date: 2010-10-13 10:34:00

Association between the Herpes Simplex Virus-1 DNA Polymerase and ...

Moreover, UL30, in conjunction with the viral uracil DNA glycosylase (UL2), cellular apurinic/apyrimidinic endonuclease, and DNA ligase IIIα-XRCC1, performs uracil-initiated base excision repair. Base excision repair is required to maintain genome stability as a means to counter the accumulation of unusual bases and to protect from the loss of DNA bases. Here we show that the HSV-1 UL2 associates with the viral replisome. We identified UL2 as a protein that co-purifies with the DNA polymerase through numerous chromatographic steps, an interaction that was verified by [more...]

Date: 2010-08-27 13:40:47

Progenika Receives CE Mark for First DNA Chip to Detect Mutations ...

The Leading Information Source for Chronic Disease Research and Management Metabolic Type I Diabetes Type II Diabetes Neuropathy Retinopathy Thyroid Disorder Addisons Disease Dialysis Kidney Disorders Obesity Cardiovascular Hypertension Cardiac Arrythmias Coronary Artery Disease Heart failure Angina Central Nervous System Parkinson's Disease Schizophrenia ADHD Anxiety Depression Epilepsy Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Alzheimer Dementia Fibromyalgia Lou Gehrig's Respiratory Asthma Bronchiectasis Cystic Fibrosis Chronic Obstructive Airways [more...]

Date: 2010-09-27 08:54:00

TopBP1 and DNA polymerase-α directly recruit the 9-1-1 complex to ...

TopBP1 and DNA polymerase-α directly recruit the 9-1-1 complex to stalled DNA replication forks Shan Yan and W. Matthew Michael The Biological Laboratories, Department of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138 Correspondence to W. Matthew Michael: mmichael{at}fas.harvard.edu Abstract TopBP1 and the Rad9–Rad1–Hus1 (9-1-1) complex activate the ataxia telangiectasia mutated and Rad3-related (ATR) protein kinase at stalled replication forks. ATR is recruited to stalled forks through its binding partner, ATR-interacting protein (ATRIP); however, it is unclear [more...]

Date: 2009-03-23 07:00:00

Friday Hope Blogging

Since DNA evidence is not available in the majority of murder cases, other wrongful convictions based on similar types of evidence may never come to light.Perhaps we could extend this logic to "far lighter tasks" like bombing foreign capitals. The FTC is working on new regulations to prevent greenwashing. Among the proposed changes: Marketers shouldn't use labels like "green" or "eco-friendly" because they're too vague; if something's labeled as "biodegradable," then the entire package should "completely break down and return to nature" within a year; and if something's called "non-toxic" it [more...]

Date: 2010-10-08 23:32:00

another week closer to the eschaton…

Us – and is there to remind everyone that, when travelling by air, you have the right to say “I OPT OUT” when confronted with a TSA request to what amounts to a strip search. also Portable, rapid DNA analysis tech developed – Big Brother doesn’t care whether or not you have fingerprints, and is interested in your DNA instead… more orwellian doublethink: Welfare is Employment Rights are Privileges War is Peace Illness is Health Collapse Is Recovery Judge orders lesbian reinstated to Air Force and yet the congress in it’s infinite wisdom has decided that, even though a judge also [more...]

Date: 2010-09-27 17:56:35

Fayette Life: Fruitful DNA Extraction

What do strawberries and bananas have in common with Fayette County's Whitewater Middle School students? The answer is DNA. As it turns out, the genetic material of the fruits is very similar to that of humans. This was just one fascinating fact that approximately 290 seventh graders learned as they participated in a DNA extraction lab conducted by graduate students from the Georgia Plant Scholars Program of the University of Georgia’s (UGA) Plant Pathology Department. Using regular household items such as coffee filters, salt, dishwashing liquid, water and rubbing alcohol, students learned [more...]

Date: 2009-05-27 12:12:00

7-16 Billy and the Bomb

SANTA FE -- Mid-July is a momentous time in New Mexico's history. On July 14, 1881, Pat Garrett shot Billy the Kid. The Kid is arguably the world's most famous outlaw. The news quickly traveled around the world. On July 16, 1945, the world's first nuclear explosion occurred at Trinity Site, north of Alamogordo. According to history, news of that event traveled nowhere but Los Alamos, Washington, D.C., London, Potsdam and Moscow. First, Billy the Kid's death. Or was it? Over the years various pretenders claimed to be the Kid, arguing that Garrett shot someone else or that the Kid survived the [more...]

Date: 2010-07-14 16:35:00

DNA method gives new perspective on the Mysteries of Nature

We demonstrate that this new approach enables the assignment of virtually all the generated DNA sequences to the correct source once sequencing anomalies are accounted for (miss-assignment rate less than 0.4%). Therefore, the method enables accurate sequencing and assignment of homologous DNA sequences from multiple sources in single high-throughput GS20 run. We observe a bias in the distribution of the differently tagged primers that is dependent on the 5' nucleotide of the tag. In particular, primers 5' labelled with a cytosine are heavily overrepresented among the final sequences, while [more...]

Date: 2007-02-15 17:01:00

Welcome to Sage

Synthetic genomics is the chemical synthesis of DNA sequences. The synthesized sequences can already exist – as in the chemical synthesis of genes naturally found in an organism – or it can involve the synthesis of novel, unnatural DNA sequences. Synthetic biology is both the design and construction of new biological parts, devices, and systems and the redesign of existing natural biological systems for useful purposes. Because the synthetic life sciences may enable the synthesis of biomolecules, whole genomes, and even simple life forms, these sciences have enormous potential, as they [more...]

Date: 2010-09-16 13:18:45

race/history/evolution notes: Highly divergent ancient hominin ...

Svante Paabo assumes "some new creature" "carried this mitochondrial genome out of Africa about a million years", as do most commentators. It strikes me that a multiregionalist explanation is as consistent if not more consistent with the evidence at hand. If we entertain the possibility that "African Eve" ultimately descends from Eurasian Homo erectus, we don't need to posit some unknown intermediate "out of Africa" event. Reference: Johannes Krause, Qiaomei Fu, Jeffrey M. Good, Bence Viola, Michael V. Shunkov, Anatoli P. Derevianko & Svante Pääbo. The complete mitochondrial DNA genome of [more...]

Date: 2010-03-25 03:22:00

Comprehensive analysis of the role of DNA repair gene ...

Comprehensive analysis of the role of DNA repair gene polymorphisms on risk of glioma Lara Bethke1, Emily Webb1, Anne Murray1, Minouk Schoemaker2, Christoffer Johansen3, Helle Collatz Christensen3, Kenneth Muir4, Patricia McKinney5, Sarah Hepworth5, Polyxeni Dimitropoulou4, Artitaya Lophatananon4, Maria Feychting6, Stefan Lönn7, Anders Ahlbom6, Beatrice Malmer8, Roger Henriksson8, Anssi Auvinen9,10, Anne Kiuru10, Tiina Salminen9,10, Anthony Swerdlow2 and Richard Houlston1,* 1Section of Cancer Genetics 2Section of Epidemiology, Institute of Cancer Research, 15 Cotswold Rd, [more...]

Date: 2007-11-29 08:00:00

Research Funding at Emory Increases 10.5 Percent, Exceeds ...

The grant will allow the center, housed at the Rollins School of Public Health, to continue its mission to prevent cancer and reduce health disparities among residents of rural southwest Georgia. $500,000 from the National Science Foundation to a biologist to further research into whether monarch butterflies can cure themselves and their offspring of disease using medicinal plants. A few examples of the more than 250 grants received through ARRA: $3.4 million for Emory and its partners to create an international genomics database from patients with autism and other developmental disorders. [more...]

Date: 2010-10-06 18:15:26

Origin of the human malaria parasite in gorillas - TalkRational

But researchers from the US, three African countries, and Europe have examined malaria parasites in great ape faeces. They found the DNA from western gorilla parasites was the most similar to human parasites. Liu, W. et al. (2010) Origin of the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum in gorillas. Nature, 467, 420-425. Plasmodium falciparum is the most prevalent and lethal of the malaria parasites infecting humans, yet the origin and evolutionary history of this important pathogen remain controversial. Here we develop a single-genome amplification strategy to identify and characterize [more...]

Date: 2010-09-22 17:35:43

Date: 2010-08-27 10:54:00

New Livermore detection technology used by research team in ...

Application of new DNA technologies will reassure the public that viral contaminants can be readily detected and removed from vaccines, Delwart said. Founded in 1952, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is a national security laboratory that develops science and engineering technology and provides innovative solutions to our nation's most important challenges. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory is managed by Lawrence Livermore National Security, LLC for the U.S. Department of Energy's National Nuclear Security Administration. Blood Systems is one of the oldest and largest community [more...]

Date: 2010-04-08 17:00:00

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