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South Dakota Paternity Laws? – Please Help!!!? | Loopholing - Law ...

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Government Mandated Disclosure For Egg & Sperm Donation? | The ...

Apparently there is a school of thought out there that birth certificates should reflect the names of the genetic contributors rather than the birth parent and her husband (or whomever she identifies as the father). In other words, if a couple suffering from infertility were required to use the services of an egg and/or sperm donor, the name of the gamete donor would appear on the birth certificate — not the birth mother and/or her husband. Professor Julie Shapiro is debating this issue with a visitor on her blog and I encourage you to take a look. While I will come back and visit this [more...]

Date: 2010-10-05 16:38:51

Legal Differences Between Children Born to Married and Unmarried ...

Last week, a colleague in North Carolina wrote about the different legal treatment in North Carolina between children born to married parents and "illegitimate" children (children not born to married parents -- many of our laws have not been updated since the dawn of the politically correct era, and label such children as "illegitimate" or "bastards," reflecting antiquated prejudices and stigmas against such children). The purpose of this post is to describe the ways treatment of such children in Massachusetts differs in some instances and is similar in others: Illegitimate children may not [more...]

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Mississippi Meal Break Law - Labor Law Talk Blog

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Why Experience Matters With Family Law Issues

Regarding these difficult and complex issues, the law can often be vague and unclear, leaving a great deal of room for interpretation and confusion. For this reason, courts across the United States and in Louisiana often allow for [more...]

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