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Future prospects of enzyme engineering and enzyme technology

Megh Raj Bhatt asked: Future prospects of enzyme engineering Enzyme engineering is the recent technology growing rapidly due to its higher application in a lot of fields and due to having bright and clear future vision. A most exciting development over the last few years is the application of genetic engineering techniques to enzyme technology. There are a number of properties which may be improved or altered by genetic engineering including the yield and kinetics of the enzyme, the ease of downstream processing and various safety aspects. Enzymes from dangerous or unapproved microorganisms [more...]

Date: 2010-10-12 00:25:35

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Future prospects of enzyme engineering and enzyme technology

The Doctor Laboratory Laboratory Services and Diseases Treatment, Medication, Diagnoses and News. Future prospects of enzyme engineering and enzyme technology Future prospects of enzyme engineering Enzyme engineering is the recent technology growing rapidly due to its higher application inside a group of fields and due to having bright and clear future vision. A a big amount exciting development inside excess of the a big amount recent a little quantity of years is the application of genetic engineering techniques to enzyme technology. There be a quantity of properties which strength be [more...]

Date: 2010-10-11 18:04:51

Fragile X Syndrome Research Paper

In base-pair sequence changes, nitrogen bases (which make up the FMR1 gene in the DNA), are randomly replaced with other nitrogen bases. This can lead to the growth of C-G-G tri-nucleotide if many extra Cytosine and Guanine nitrogen bases are added to the FMR1 gene. Also, duplication is a type of mutation that can lead to Fragile X Syndrome. In duplication, sections of genes are randomly repeated inside of the nucleus of cells. This is a very spontaneous process and if the C-G-G segment of DNA is duplicated too many times on the FMR1 gene, than it will undoubtedly lead to a Fragile X Syndrome [more...]

Date: 2010-08-02 20:44:00

Popular Mechanics Posts 2010 BREAKTHROUGH Awards — The Gadgeteer

While working at the National Institutes of Health in the early 1990s, Venter developed a way to rapidly discover genes by exploiting snippets of DNA called expressed sequence tags. In 1992, he founded The Institute for Genomic Research, and, three years later, he and a team decoded the first genome of a free-living organism. That led to Venter’s best-known breakthrough, mapping the human genome. Last May, he achieved a defining moment in the history of biology when he inserted digitally created DNA into a living bacterium, forming the first synthetic life. His ultimate goal is to design [more...]

Date: 2010-09-28 20:43:25

Titans Haze May Hold Ingredients for Life | Technology Magazine Daily

The molecules discovered include the five nucleotide bases used by life on Earth to build the genetic materials DNA and RNA: cytosine, adenine, thymine, guanine and uracil, and the two smallest amino acids, glycine and alanine. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Hörst is presenting the findings at this year's meeting of the Planetary Science Division of the American Astronomical Society in Pasadena, Calif. on Oct. 7. The results suggest not only that Titan's atmosphere could be a reservoir of prebiotic molecules that serve as the springboard to life, but they offer a new [more...]

Date: 2010-10-09 12:00:02

The Godless Geek Blog: Titan's Atmosphere Could Be Producing the ...

There are many theories about how exactly life began on our planet. The most commonly held belief of course, is that life began in the oceans. But a recent experiment using radio waves to simulate the effects of ultraviolet radiation from the sun striking the top of Saturn's largest moon Titan's thick atmosphere, has shown that life may actually have begun in the sky. The experiment showed that when the ultraviolet radiation strikes Titan's atmosphere it can break apart molecules in the air, like molecular nitrogen and methane, leading to the production of amino acids and the nucleotide bases [more...]

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3. DNA is made of nucleotides. The building blocks of nucleic acids are nucleotides, and DNA and RNA are the two main nucleic acids. 4. The four nitrogen bases present in DNA are: adenine, cytosine, guanine, and thymine. March 18, 2010 8:01 PM Nina said... I tried a couple times, and it loaded! 1. Why does DNA need to duplicate? DNA needs to duplicate to ensure that the daughter cells in mitosis are identical to the mother cell and, therefore have the same number of chromosomes. 2. When does DNA duplicate? DNA duplicates during Interphase, the longest stage of the cell cycle, although [more...]

Date: 2010-03-01 08:00:00

Molecules Needed For Dna Replication | Essential Molecules | What ...

3)what enzyme is responsible for controlling the DNA replication reaction? 4) what is the overall goal of DNA replication? why is it done by a cell? Protein Synthesis: 5) what is the sequence of nitrogen bases in the mRNA produced at the start of the protein synthesis activity animation? 6)what process produces mRNA and where in the cell does this process ocurr? 7) what enzyme controls the production of mRNA inside a cell? 8)what is the goal of transcription? why does it need to be performed by the cell? 9) what is the function of the ribosomes inside a cell and where are ribosomes located in [more...]

Date: 2010-07-07 23:34:11

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